Company: Swala Energy, Sector: Oil & gas, Shares in Issue: 80,000,0000, Shares in Circulations: 9,600,000, IPO Price share: TZS 500, Opening date offer: 9 June 2014, Closing date offer: 4 July 2014
Date to be listed at DSE: 25 July 20114.

Swala Oil & Gas (Tanzania) Plc was registered in Dar es salaam in July 2011;the Registration
number 84838 with the long term strategy of building a successful oil and gas exploration
company in Tanzania. The company is a subsidiary of and is supported by Swala Energy Limited
(SWE) which listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 18 April 2013 raising
approximate A$ 11.0 million, SWE raised a further A$ 4.4 million in November 2013 and a
significant cash being used for work commitment in Tanzania. SWE has a 65.13% interest in
Swala Oil & Gas Plc providing the parent company with an indirect interest of 32.5% in both
Tanzanian blocks.

The company provides investment opportunity to investors to gain in exposure of highly
prospective exploration acreage in Tanzania (that is onshore region) .The Company holds 50
percent (50%) interest and operatorship of two huge license in the regions of Kilosa –
Kilombero and Pangani. 

Pangani license 
Covers an area of 17,156 square kilomtres across a portion of East African Rift Valley System which is largely unexplored.

Pangani License
Participating and interest of Swala 50%
Partner: Otto Energy (Tanzania) Ltd (50%)
Operator: Swala Energy
Gross Area: 17,156 km2

Kilosa – Kilombero license 

Covers an area of 17,675 square kilometers in Tanzania across a
portion of the East African Rift Valley System which has remained largely unexplored, as to date
no wells have been drilled.

Kilosa – Kilombero License
Participating Interest of Swala 50%
Partner: Otto Energy (Tanzania) Ltd
Operator: Swala
Gross Area 17,675 km2

In the fiscal year 2013, the company’s total income was USD 285,944 which 355%
higher than the previous year of 2012. This growth had come with an infusion of assets
through property, plant and equipment to USD 14,117 increase by 22% from that of year
2012. The company represents a high-cash generating, low-capex business and is debt free.
For its two project at KilosA – Kilombero and Pangani which will cost roughly U S D 2 . 9
m i l l i o n , the company again intends to fund it through Equity by issuing 9.6 million ordinary
shares. Which means the company’s debt to equity will continue to remain low. These figures
are to be expected at thise exploration stage.

Take it. This is how Toronto and London and ASX grew ! This is how the Barricks and Mwadui’s
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